Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Midweek Market Monetarist Links and Summaries - 3/18/15

And the economy hinges on...patience? (Marcus Nunes)
Abe and Kuroda need to keep the momentum:
Even as inflation and the dollar continue to move the wrong way...
There's no "surprise" in this index:

(Nick Rowe) Central bankers need to make Say's Law true in practice, even if it is not true in theory:
Nick responds to David Levine:

Even Germany "is growing at the pace of a turtle" (Bonnie Carr)

A $210 trillion "fiscal gap"...(Scott Sumner) Who do you trust, Kotlikoff or the market?
Presently, the major factor is easier money overseas: The rising dollar will not impact US growth
Whatever metric one may use, The euro is still far too strong
At times, Bernanke was willing to speak up: The biggest basher of them all
This stimulus probably wouldn't boost net exports: Apart from boosting NGDP and RGDP, euro depreciation will not help Italy
"Never reason from a price change" is also a part of Econ 101: Krugman on NRFPC
Only one step from Krugman, to Friedman: Brilliant Krugman, dumb leftists
Wait...that's Scott's argument! Krugman on European growth and the euro

Scott at Econlog:
The public needs to know exactly what the Fed is trying to accomplish: Everyone needs to be accountable
Scott highlights a great nineties essay from Krugman: Krugman's dangerous idea (it worked for me too!)
What's the "sell by date" of Krugmanomics?
Repudiation of big spending? We'll believe it when we see it...Will the GOP once again opt for big government

Lars Christensen highlights the open borders manifesto

Even though households may not be able to afford homes, rents aren't falling (Kevin Erdmann)
Kevin looks at asset values in the U.S. over time:

"Cash in circulation has doubled in the last ten years." (Benjamin Cole)

A circular flow model for income and expenditure (David Glasner)

Simon Wren-Lewis worries than an NGDP target is not enough to restore growth: Radical macro lessons from the Great Depression

Tyler Cowen lays out some of the possibilities for Fed tightening: Should we listen to Ray Dalio? Should we taper? Be patient?

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