Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Each of Us, a Filament

Electricity, from where sparks are born,
And there's reason to celebrate on Christmas morn,
Even if we know not, the reality
That just deepens the meaning, of the mystery

Each of us a filament, on interconnected strings,
Multi-colored lights for the tree of life.
There's this moment in time, to pause from the strife,
Feel the energy,
as it courses through cold dark night

From the distance, great brightness from many strands
of light from the fire which was given to man
Somewhere, past the pain, confusion and fear,
He waits with gift of calm, surely he still hears

After each fury,
The wind whispers down
There's stories yet to tell, another storm settles
Do we still know how to make this special
Who collects our wishes, who travels to tell...

Who watches us gain courage
Every time we stand tall
Or waits outside when we're broken and small
Who wants us to remain
On the dry side of the bridge
Yet holds the river of unknowing,
Even as we climb, back up the ridge

This could be what forever feels like
light from each filament for a path in the night
Can we remember why you brought the fire
Will we remember how you brought the fire

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