Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Midweek Market Monetarist Links and Summaries - 4/8/15

The Great part due to Friedman's ideas?? (Scott Sumner) Brad Delong needs to reread the Monetary History
Hypermind predictions at 3.6% The NGDP futures market believes in the Great Stagnation
Scott highlights Ryan Avent's response to the recent stagnation debate: What if we let the inflation genie out of the bottle?
However, a Ryan Avent post from 2013 was more concise.... Ryan Avent on secular stagnation
Scott needs references for NGDP targeting arguments: NGDP research bleg
A good sign, that Bernanke used this example: As expected, Ben is with Lars

Scott at Econlog:
Why would currency depreciate in the first place? Is Larry Summers reasoning from a price change?
A response to an erroneous argument: Milton Friedman argued that the Great Depression occurred despite massive QE
Germany's faulty monetary policies are key: Germany is "balanced", it's the rest of Europe (and the ECB) that are unbalanced
More about that "third mandate"...Using monetary policy to prevent financial instability

(Josh Hendrickson) The FF rate has been consistently below IOR:

Yet another revival of the IT idea (Marcus Nunes)
Will he blog about what matters most?
"Rethinking Macro Policy" - Not quite...
The economy is beginning to slow:
Reservations to NGDP targeting? Use it as a benchmark:
The need for more services means...the need for more government?
Will he be able to explain why inflation became so 2007?

It appears that financial stability is her mandate (Bonnie Carr):

Lars Christensen reviews some recent posts:

Brookings beat them to the punch! (George Selgin)
All those kudos for the Fed are getting a bit old:

(David Glasner) Would Taylor be the next Fed chair, should a Republican become president?

Nicolas Cachanosky contributes to the great stagnation debate:

When markets aren't really free...(Benjamin Cole)

"Bubbles" are not the fault of central banks (Lorenzo)

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