Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Midweek Market Monetarist Links and Summaries - 4/15/15

Some of the recent FOMC minutes were not very encouraging...(Marcus Nunes)
"Could we jolt business from its lethargy?"
Still waiting for inflation to "turn up":
Divisia M4 remains low:
Contrary to Wolfgang Munchau's assertion, the tools are there:
Will the equilibrium real rate gradually rise?

Scott Sumner revisits negative IOR, six years later: Second thoughts on negative IOR
Of portfolio rebalancing and "flightly deposits": Monetary policy is not about banking
"Given their insane stance on monetary policy, their stance on fiscal policy makes sense." The ECB has expected AD growth right where it wants it

Scott at Econlog:
Address the root cause of investment deficiency: Low interest rates do not call for more investment
Why do free market economists hold workers accountable for money illusion? Don't blame the workers
Scott highlights a study re downward wage inflexibility and the business cycle: There is no sticky wage puzzle
A response to Governor Chris Christie's suggestion: The wrong way to fix Social Security

The "Saving/Investment Hypothesis" versus the "Liquidity Hypothesis" (Nick Rowe)

Excessive reliance on monetary policy...really? (Benjamin Cole)
Benjamin's referenced WSJ article provides rant material for Kevin Erdmann as well:
Economic growth? Not on the GOP agenda (Cole)
A growing underground cash economy?

If people are trying to learn more about the Fed, they're not having an easy time of it (Bonnie Carr)

David Glasner responds to commenter JKH:

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