Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Post Highlights From 2015

For the most part, the following linked posts received the most traffic in 2015. This time I started with January and moved forward through the list, which gave me a better feel for traffic fluctuations over the course of the year. I decided to keep the list fairly short, since a substantial number of viewed posts fell into a similar range.

Needed: A Vital and Inclusive Marketplace To what degree is income a result of spontaneous marketplace factors, as opposed to being arranged? Income which does not accurately reflect free choice in product selection, tends to exclude aggregate income potential.

Globalization and the Non Tradable Sector Dilemma Time based services and asset structures are no longer in sync with the wealth capacity of tradable goods formation. Within nations, this becomes problematic for lower income levels. At international levels, for monetary flows in general.

Time Value as Defined Product When it is difficult to ascertain what time value contributes to product formation, it can also be difficult to determine time value in terms of output. Options are needed in which time value can be approached more directly, through services product which can be defined at individual to individual levels.

Time Based Defined Product - Meritocratic or Egalitarian? Merit based compensation for knowledge use - by definition - limits participation in time based services structure for low income levels. Whereas merit based coordination in tradable goods organization is not problematic for most income levels, because these product aggregates are not time dependent.

Notes on Innovation, Rival and Non Rival Time Value Knowledge diffusion needs the option of symmetrical organization in time based services, which could expand the compensation of time value in non rival settings. Asymmetric compensation generally requires individual time value to exist in competition with other time value.

Local Economic Diversity: Worth Preserving Local corporations would recreate Main Street for the knowledge investments of the 21st century, and reverse the hollowing out process which has occurred at local levels.

Notes on Wicksellian Considerations In September, discussions about the natural Wicksellian interest rate and its effects on monetary stability, were in full swing.

Sorry, But Maintaining the Status Quo is not "Courage" It's been said that Bernanke would have selected a less boastful book title if he could have. However, Ben Bernanke did not do enough, when he had the chance to keep the recession from becoming "great". As a result, the Fed's actions have greatly contributed to a sluggish and questionable recovery.

Considering a Macroeconomic Framework "In order for the macroeconomic discipline to further evolve, it needs better definition and production capacity for services formation, than has been provided thus far."

Energy Technology as "No Need to Work" Rationale  As technology claims a broader role in the workplace, labor force participation levels remain in question. In order to keep labor force participation levels high, individuals would need to reclaim - and rediscover - the value of time based product.

Notes on Basic Income, Meaningful Work and Equilibrium It is not easy to integrate the marginalized into the production and consumption requirements of general equilibrium conditions. Local forms of alternative equilibrium, could revive long term growth.

Some Thoughts on Economic Stability Economic stability begins with accurate monetary representation, which takes all of aggregate spending capacity into account. However, in order to ensure long term economic stability, supply side considerations are also important.

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