Monday, October 21, 2013

Consumer Alert - Sears Appliance

Believe me, this is something I wish could have been resolved quietly. But it's been going on a year unresolved and so I want to warn anyone who would purchase a built in gas oven, that the process could be problematic if the installation isn't done correctly. There is a slight gas leak in the new Sears Kenmore oven. After several attempts to get the problem resolved with Sears, they sent a repairman out, who said there was nothing he could do and to call a plumber. After more complaints by visitors recently about the gas smell, we tried again. Another repairman came from Sears, checked the oven, and said the same thing. But several plumbers have already been contacted, who said they are not qualified to do the work, nor were they able to refer us to anyone who could.

Someone is bound to be qualified to do the work and eventually it will be taken care of - in the meantime the gas to the oven has been turned off. Of course, this is a specific example of the kinds of institutional problems I frequently complain about: our institutions no longer have adequate resources, time or initiative to coordinate infrastructural issues amongst themselves, which we all share. That only makes life more difficult for everyone. In the meantime I would advise consumers to be cautious about purchasing built in ovens that require gas.

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  1. Have you tried calling the the gas company? I can imagine how problematic it must be. When out of a job I had to cook all of our meals, and having the oven out of commission would have been a complete disaster.