Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Midweek Market Monetarist Links and Summaries - 4/23/14

All parts of the U.S. are affected by the same monetary shocks (Scott Sumner):
Aggregate demand and regional demand shocks
Unfortunately, success came at Sweden's expense: Swedish central bankers and Korean ferryboat captains
Disentangling financial crisis from monetary crisis: Reply to Delong smackdown
"...macro is not a zero sum game; all countries can simultaneously increase employment and output."
Let's all be Germans

Econlog posts from Scott:
An interesting contrast, between Scott's views and those of Larry Summers:
Industrial production looks good, however...
Some highlights from a George Soros interview:
Even if the EMH is only approximately true, it is useful:
Is German labor market policy success an "inconvenient truth"?

Even though the S&P didn't drop, it flatlined...(Lars Christensen)
Lars presents a paper by Clark Johnson
Free banking discussions are back on the agenda:
Some highlights re Milton Friedman

The Fed never intended to fully offset the collapse in AD (David Beckworth)
"...Bernanke saw the crisis as a financial intermediation crisis where Friedman would have viewed it as a medium of exchange crisis."

Today's "moderation" is not like the other (Marcus Nunes)
Why can't a stronger economy assist today's long term unemployed?
A response to Lar's Cuban missile crisis post:
Banks fail after the monetary fact..

Kevin Erdmann takes a closer look at minimum wage issues:

Ravi Varghese offers highlights from a book by Bernard Connolly:

What can I say...David Glasner, feisty as always!

Also of interest:

I like Tyler Cowen's article title: "Why a Global Tax on Wealth Won't End Inequality"

The "burning issue of complimentary toy distribution", indeed! (Ryan Long)
What are we teaching our youth?

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