Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Midweek Market Monetarist Links and Summaries - 11/20/13

Needed: better quality Fed governors. Marcus Nunes also notes a new, downloadable e-book for forward guidance in this post:
Is "pushing on a string" really working from the "right end" of the telescope?
Would a little deflation now be a "good" thing? Hmmm:
Marcus provides links for a Free Exchange roundtable:
Why does everything look like a bubble?:
Explanations in graphs, why the years prior to the crisis were not "easy money"
A guest post by Benjamin Cole - There's something about groupthink:
Marcus takes a look at Bernanke's legacy:

Hard to believe that hyperinflation could be a problem, in the same timeframe as deflation. From Lars Christensen:
This is an important distinction which is sometimes missed by history:
Where Lars explains the EMH by jumping on a table in a crowd:

Department of "piling on", or Huzza Huszar - David Beckworth provides links for the tackle which Huszar received for his "apology":  Here's one from Bonnie Carr:
From Kevin Erdmann:
Not done yet!
Okay, I'll stop after this video:

David Beckworth notes that Janet Yellen should have been able to ask questions, too:

James Pethokoukis puts Kevin Warsh in his place:

Some thoughts from Scott Sumner, on Yellen's testimony: Janet Yellen on monetary offset
Scott's Free Exchange post:
Anders Aslund of FP could have used a bit more monetary logic: When you put the phrase "blind spot" in the title of your essay
Alas...Fire, fire, in Noah's flood: In the belly of the beast
Raising the minimum wage to $10 hour is questionable: Where does America rank in terms of top rate?
It's time to adopt a policy not inhibited by the zero bound: Focus on NGDP expectations not interest rates
Scott wants more clarity in discussions about Germany: I beg you all to stop talking about German Inflation
China's government wants to avoid the middle income trap - China: The glass is now 51% full
Scott highlights a good video: Rick Santelli explains the real reason for QE3
Deflation as testament that structural reforms are working? Memo to FT editors: Be as crazy as you like, but give us an explanation

Nick Rowe - Don't use the New Keynesian model to support raising government spending at the ZLB:
First and second best solutions in a hybrid model:
Barbie was right, math is hard! But think about a very simple Keynesian cross...
However, this post does need a second year macro text:

David Glasner looks at some of the issues surrounding QE:

As smart as Larry Summers may be, he still misses the point - Ryan Avent, "The Solution That Cannot Be Named":

Also of interest:

Good post from Alex Tabarrok: The FDA and International Reciprocity

You say bubble, I say fluctuating risk premia:

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